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Transition Program

Our Prisoner Reentry Transition Program is designed to ensuring a safe and successful return to the community. Our programs are designed to assist incarcerated individuals with a successful transition to their community after they are released.  To provide the smoothest transition possible, we give individual attention to each and every case/client & their family (where/when applicable).  Although our program is specifically designed for prisoner reentry, we also offer our services to the general public as well.  As part of our transitioning program we offer our client the following low to no-cost services:


  •                                            Life Skills Training

  •                                             Housing Search

  •                                            Job Skills Training

  •                                       Transportation Assistance

  •                                       Housing Referral Program

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Life Skills

  • Effective Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Self-Motivation

  • Planning & Organizing

  • Soft People Skills

  • Goal Setting

  • Self-Discipline

  • Record-Keeping

  • Social & Interpersonal Skills

Housing Search Assistance

As part of our homeless prevention and transition program, we have partnered and established relationships with local real estate agencies, community outreach organizations and government housing organizations to assist with your housing needs.  

Keys To The New Place
Library Tutor

job search

Need assistance finding gainful employment?  Contact us we will be glad to assist you.  Our resource center provides.

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