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Download Tomb of the Mask APK for Android - The Ultimate Arcade Adventure

Yes, you can customize your character in Tomb of the Mask (Playgendary) by unlocking all kinds of masks. Some of them will be accessible when you level up, but others you will have to buy them in the store.

The mysterious ancient tombs hide many valuable treasures. As a treasure hunter, you need to traverse these tombs and collect treasure like coins, stars, and shiny dots now. Note that a shiny dot is worth one point. Meanwhile, if you get a coin, you will score 3 points. You must collect all coins, stars, and yellow dots to unlock the door of the tomb. When all of them are cleared, you can leave the tomb and move to the next level. Take caution with dangerous traps in these tombs. Some of them are hidden. Therefore, you need to find the right way to evade them.

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This game features an Atari and retro style, which will appeal to fans of Atari-style gaming. In addition, the 2D graphics in this game are really colorful and stunning. This will certainly hook you in on the first try. Furthermore, the music of the game is energetic and catchy. This will boost your mood when exploring the mysterious tombs.


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