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From simple elegance to stunning and elaborate settings, GemsNY's collection of sapphire rings for both women and men is sure to have a style you'll love. You can choose not only blue sapphire rings, but also yellow, white, or pink sapphires for the ring of your dreams.

GemsNY uses only natural sapphires; you won't find anything lab-created or synthetic in our vast collection of certified, authentic gemstones that we source from all over the globe. We offer both heated and unheated sapphires in all shapes, including round, oval, emerald and cushion cuts.

When it comes to the setting for your sapphire ring, we have a vast array of preset options, from engagement rings and wedding sets, to solitaires and three-stone rings, men's sapphire rings and more. And our "Make Your Own" sapphire ring option allows you to create a personalized ring by pairing the perfect sapphire and designer ring setting of your choice.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our preset sapphire rings collection or in the "Make Your Own" section of sapphire rings, our talented jewelry design team can work with you to create a custom sapphire ring that brings your ideal style from imagination to reality.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted to order in New York's Diamond District, and each piece comes with a free appraisal. For the best selection of exquisite genuine sapphire rings at the best prices, choose GemsNY.

Sapphires are mined in many countries such as India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar etc. Velvety sapphires from Kashmir, India are generally the most prized sapphires, though all the origins have produced some fine quality sapphires.

We recommend buying a sapphire from a trusted source where you get a certificate of authenticity along with your stone. All of our gemstones invariably carry our own certificate of authenticity and most are certified by reputed bodies such as GIA, AGL, etc.

All of our jewelry is made-to-order. But with no time left until Valentines, we are offering a unique solution. Buy any gemstone(s) above $500 and we'll ship it free to you in time for Valentines so you can present it in a beautiful gemstone box. Then give her the gift of selecting the ring, pendant or earrings of her choice. Once you pick out the setting, call us. We'll send you a free return label to ship the gemstone back to us so we can set it and ship it back to you free of charge. Then you get to gift it to her all over again. That's a lot of shipping - all for free - just in time for the Valentines.

So where exactly do blue sapphires come from? Blue sapphires are mined from a few specific locations throughout the world. Three of the most popular are, Burma and Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Each location that produces blue sapphires does not produce the same quality or quantity. Stones that come from Kashmir, for example, are extremely rare since mines there have stopped producing, but their sapphire colors are known to be some of the best. Mines in Australia on the other hand have good production of sapphires that are of a darker-blue hue.

So what will you pay for your blue sapphire? As we said, this will depend upon the stone you want to get. However, we can at least give you a rough idea as to what you might be paying based on our own inventory.

When it comes to the shape and the cut of your blue sapphire, you have a lot of options. When you choose a shape, you want to go with one that suits you. You can either get a round stone, or even something that is heart-shaped. Our cuts are tailor made to suit your desires, while also bringing out the best in out stones.

When purchasing a sapphire, you want to make sure you have examined it as well as you can. These are important choices and we want you be sure that you are happy with your stone. This is why we have professional photos of every individual stone we sell, not just a stock photo. This ensures you are getting an accurate representation of a stone. We suggest looking at our video function and 3-D report so you can get a better idea of what your stone will look like. View a stone in person by having a sapphire shipped to you for inspection before you decide to buy, or schedule an appointment with our showroom if the sapphire is available for show.

Our last tip when purchasing a blue sapphire is simply to ask questions. If you do not know something, ask an expert. Our team of professional GIA trained gemologists are always available to answer any questions you may have about a specific stone, or simply about blue sapphires in general. Our sales team do not work on commission so you can be sure they are helping you with your best interests in mind.

Blue sapphire has long symbolized honesty, sincerity, and faithfulness. When a king wore a sapphire ring, it meant he was pledging to be a just ruler. During the Middle Ages, Cardinals and other high church officials wore blue sapphires to symbolize their vows to their faith. Blue sapphire also symbolized heaven and the reward of faith and its celestial association continues still today.

Sapphires are valuable so they have long been coveted by jewel thieves too. In New York, the 563-carat Star of India star sapphire, in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History was stolen in an infamous 1964 burglary carried out by Jack Murphy, AKA Murph the Surf, and two other men. The huge sapphire was recovered several months later.

Sapphires have been mined since 500 BC on the beautiful island once known as Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka. The island was the origin for the valuable gems given by King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba in the Old Testament. Sri Lankan sapphires are ancient Roman rings dating from the third century BC. Marco Polo visited Sri Lanka in 1292, writing about its streams filled with sapphires and other gemstones.

In 1881, blue sapphires were discovered in Kashmir at an elevation of 13,000 feet near the village Sumjam in the Himalayan mountains. Kashmir sapphires have a saturated velvety blue color with a silky clarity that seems to intensify the color. Because Kashmir sapphires from this famous deposit were only produced for a short period, they are rare. Sapphires with an independent laboratory report confirming Kashmir origin from Gubelin, SSEF, or the GIA command a premium in the market.

Another famous source for blue sapphire is Burma, also known as Myanmar. Burmese sapphire is generally cleaner and darker in tone. Burma is famous for producing the best rubies and its sapphires too command a premium when origin is confirmed by an independent laboratory report.

In recent years, most fine color natural sapphires have been produced from mines in Madagascar. Blue sapphire is also produced in Montana in the United States as well as Australia, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Thailand.

And blue sapphire is also lovely cut in a smooth domed cabochon shape instead of being faceted. Some cabochon sapphires, known as star sapphires, will display a phenomenon known as asterism, a six-legged star that moves across the dome of the cabochon with the light.

Most blue sapphires have been heat treated after they are mined in order to bring out the maximum blue color. You should assume that your blue sapphire has been heat treated unless you have a lab report that says there is no evidence of heat treatment.

This is essential when you start to look for buying a Sapphire ring. Look for a gemology report from a recognized gem laboratory like the GIA or certification from an independent GIA G. G gemologist who has expertise on Corundum stones (Sapphires & Rubies). This is essential in a world where 85% of sapphires sold, both in stores & online, have been chemically enhanced. These enhanced color stones carry similar values to synthetic Sapphires. Most reputable Jewelers will be happy to provide a report from a recognized Gem Laboratory, such as the GIA unless the Sapphire has been treated - always ask! We have added below a link to the top gem laboratories for sapphire identification. -overview From here can scroll through who these labs are as well as contact information and address & contact numbers.

Critical, almost 80% of a natural Sapphire's value is based on its color. Whether you are looking for a traditional Blue Sapphire or you may be looking into the fancy colored Sapphires, such as Pinks, Yellows, Purples, Violets or the natural color-changing Sapphire's. You can find Sapphire's in all these colors coupled with different Hues, Tones, and Levels of Saturation. The most prized or valuable Sapphires are stones that carry a strong Hue along with the same level in Saturation with few to no secondary colors. As an example, a Royal Blue Sapphire will carry a greater value than a Sapphire with a lighter color blue. Remember, when looking for your Sapphire choose a Sapphire color that appeals to you. The Sapphire Ring Co. keeps in stock Sapphires of all colors in a variety of Hues, Tones & Saturation along with an explanation of how the Sapphires are graded. Grading color Sapphires, along with all gemstones, are graded on both their Hue (Main color), Tone, which shows how dark or bright a sapphire is, and Saturation which determines the strength of color. For a more detailed explanation please view the GIA's colored gemstone chart under. -system

Sapphires can be found in almost any cut from the traditional Oval through to Round and Cushion with the more fancy cuts such as Heart, Trillion, and Pear cut stones also available. There are certain cuts like the emerald cut which are among the rarest due to the loss of weight when cutting it from the rough stone. Sapphire Ring Company carries a wide selection of sapphire in a variety of cuts. View our educational pages on sapphires & theie cut's. -cuts-and-colors

With all gemstones, the carat weight can dictate the value of the Sapphire and, like a diamond, the higher the carat weight the greater the value especially where Sapphires are in the royal blue to vivid blue colors. The greater carat weight principle applies to all the rainbow of colors that Sapphires can be found in. For example, a 3 ct sapphire in a cushion cut can fetch as much as $3,500 per ct. A similar choice of Sapphire in the same color but weighing 4 cts, will see prices can jump by as much as 30% per ct. Once above 5 cts the prices can rise by over 50% per ct. The Sapphire Ring Co. buys direct from the mines and markets in Sri Lanka allowing us to offer all of our Sapphires at or below wholesale prices. Carat Weight and Size ChartPlease have a look at our page on "Life of a Sapphire" which explains the journey a sapphire can take from the mine to the ring. See at: -of-a-sapphire 041b061a72


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