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Easton Nguyen
Easton Nguyen

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She also had to balance raising kids and learning of her daughter Ali's diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. Over the seasons, fans have watched Leah mature alongside her kids and begin using her platform for great causes.

leah mature pic

Leah may have come a long way since she first appeared on Teen Mom 2, but has still showed her same love for her hometown in West Virginia. She has gotten more involved in the community in her spare time and shared her efforts with fans to show how she has grown and matured since they first saw her. In this significant post, Leah met with Senator Shelley Capito in a public forum designed to help the residents of West Virginia. The mom of three has used her platform to improve not only the lives of her kids, but her hometown and it has been an integral part of her year. 041b061a72


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