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Geometry Dash 2.11 In-Game Mod Menu MacOSX

Geometry Dash 2.11 In-Game Mod menu MacOSX

Geometry Dash is a popular rhythm-based platformer game that challenges players to complete levels with various obstacles and hazards. The game has a level editor that allows users to create and share their own custom levels, as well as download and play levels made by other users. Geometry Dash also has a modding community that creates and distributes mods that can enhance or alter the gameplay in various ways.

One of the most sought-after mods for Geometry Dash is the in-game mod menu, which allows users to access and activate various cheats and features while playing the game. Some of the features that the mod menu offers are:


  • Unlock everything: This feature unlocks all icons, colors, trails, ships, balls, UFOs, waves, robots, spiders, and death effects in the game.

  • Rainbow icons: This feature makes the player's icon change colors randomly during gameplay.

  • Accurate percent: This feature shows the exact percentage of completion of the level, instead of rounding it up or down.

  • No progress bar: This feature removes the progress bar that shows how far the player has reached in the level.

  • FPS bypass: This feature allows the game to run at higher frames per second than the default limit of 60 FPS.

  • Copy hack: This feature allows the player to copy any level, even if it is not copyable by the original creator.

The in-game mod menu for Geometry Dash is compatible with almost all devices, including Mac OS X. However, installing and using the mod menu requires some steps and precautions that users should follow carefully. Here are some of the steps to install and use the in-game mod menu for Geometry Dash on Mac OS X:

  • Download Geode from [this link]. Geode is a modding platform for Geometry Dash that allows mods to support all desktop platforms (Mac OS X, Windows), as well as interact with each other without conflict. Geode is currently in development, so users should check for updates regularly.

  • Extract the file and run Geode will ask for permission to access the Geometry Dash folder from the Steam library. Users should grant this permission and click patch. Geode will then patch Geometry Dash to enable modding support.

  • Download the in-game mod menu from [this link]. The in-game mod menu is a mod created by I Have No Idea Who Made This that adds a cheat menu to Geometry Dash that can be activated by opening the options menu.

  • Extract the file and copy the GDModMenu folder to the Mods folder inside the Geometry Dash folder. The Mods folder should have been created by Geode when it patched Geometry Dash.

  • Run Geometry Dash and enjoy the in-game mod menu. Users can access and activate various features by opening the options menu and clicking on the Mod Menu button.

The in-game mod menu for Geometry Dash is a fun and useful mod that can enhance or alter the gameplay experience for users. However, users should be aware of some risks and limitations that come with using this mod. Some of these are:

  • The in-game mod menu may not work with some levels or features that are added or changed by other mods. Users should disable or remove any conflicting mods before using the in-game mod menu.

  • The in-game mod menu may cause some glitches or errors in the game, such as crashes, freezes, or corrupted saves. Users should backup their data before using the in-game mod menu and report any bugs or issues to the mod creator.

  • The in-game mod menu may be detected and banned by some anti-cheat systems or servers that monitor online gameplay. Users should avoid using the in-game mod menu on online modes or levels that require verification or authentication.

  • The in-game mod menu may be considered cheating or unfair by some players or creators who value skill and challenge in Geometry Dash. Users should respect the rules and preferences of other players or creators and use the in-game mod menu responsibly and ethically.

The in-game mod menu for Geometry Dash is one of the most popular and versatile mods for Geometry Dash that can offer a lot of fun and convenience for users. However, users should also be careful and respectful when using this mod and follow the steps and precautions mentioned above. The in-game mod menu for Geometry Dash is a great way to enjoy Geometry Dash in a new and different way.


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