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It takes the series back to those small-town vibes, as friends try to kick back and enjoy themselves before a life-changing event forces a community to re-evaluate what it's known to be true all these years. Alex Chen is the latest young adult turned special power user on the scene, invited to live with her brother Gabe after eight years apart. She's only just begun settling in when he dies under suspicious circumstances.


@GREGORIAN probably, never said my opinion was universal, but with life is strange its trying to copy emotion impact which is much different then just having similar combat, emotional impact walks a fine line between genuine and manipulative and recycling the same concept is manipulative

Parents need to know that Life Is Strange: True Colors is a narrative adventure game available for Windows PCs, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Google Stadia. This game will also be released for the Nintendo Switch in December 2021. As the newest release from Square Enix and Deck Nine games under the "Life Is Strange" name, this entry tells the story of Alex Chen, a 21-year-old who starts her adult life by being released from 10 years in foster care. She immediately moves to Haven Springs, Colorado, a small mining town deep in the Rocky Mountains, to mend her relationship with her estranged brother, Gabe. Life Is Strange: True Colors contains drinking, legal drug use (marijuana), and strong language. Players also have the opportunity to pursue a romance with one of Gabe's friends if they so choose. They can either romance Steph, a local radio DJ and master LARP (live-action role play) organizer, or Ryan, a Colorado park ranger and birdwatcher who loves to garden. Though this romance storyline does not contain any overtly sexual content, some game dialogue contains suggestive references (e.g., joking about two characters "hooking up"). 041b061a72


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