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Sweet Dreams by KranK: The Best Remixes and Mashups

Krank - Sweet Dreams: A Review of the Turkish EDM Song

If you are a fan of electronic dance music (EDM), you might have heard of a Turkish DJ and producer named Krank. He is known for his energetic and catchy songs that blend different genres and styles, such as techno, house, trap, dubstep, and more. One of his most popular songs is Sweet Dreams, a remake of the iconic 1980s hit by Eurythmics. In this article, we will review Krank's version of Sweet Dreams and analyze its lyrics, music, and comparison with other songs.

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Krank is a Turkish EDM artist who started his career in 2014. He has released several singles and albums, such as KranKed, KranKed Vol. 2, KranKed Vol. 3, KranKed Vol. 4, and KranKed Vol. 5. He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Burak Yeter, Mahmut Orhan, Serhat Durmus, and more. He has performed at various festivals and clubs around Turkey and Europe, such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Europe, Sunburn Festival, Babylon Soundgarden, Zorlu PSM, and more.

One of his most successful songs is Sweet Dreams, which he released in 2019. The song is a remake of the classic song by Eurythmics, which was released in 1983. The original song was a worldwide hit that topped the charts in many countries and became one of the most recognizable songs of the decade. It was also covered by many artists, such as Marilyn Manson, Beyoncé, Emily Browning, La Bouche, and more.

Krank's version of Sweet Dreams is a modern and fresh take on the old song. It features a powerful bassline, a catchy melody, a distorted vocal sample, and a dynamic drop. The song has over 23 million streams on Shazam, over 265 million plays on SoundCloud, and over 3 million views on YouTube. The song has also received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

The main theme and message of the song is about the contrast between sweet dreams and nightmares. The song explores the idea of how our dreams can be either pleasant or frightening, depending on our subconscious thoughts and feelings. The song also reflects on how our dreams can influence our reality and vice versa.

Analysis of the Song

The Lyrics

The lyrics of Sweet Dreams are simple but effective. They consist of four lines that are repeated throughout the song:

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world and the seven seas

Everybody's looking for something

The lyrics express the idea of sweet dreams and nightmares by using a contrast between the words "sweet" and "this". The word "sweet" implies something pleasant, desirable, and satisfying, while the word "this" implies something vague, ambiguous, and mysterious. The lyrics suggest that our dreams are made of something that we cannot fully understand or explain, and that we might disagree with what they mean or represent.

The lyrics also use some metaphors and symbols to convey the message of the song. For example, the phrase "travel the world and the seven seas" is a metaphor for exploring different places, cultures, and experiences. It also symbolizes the quest for adventure, knowledge, and freedom. The phrase "everybody's looking for something" is a metaphor for searching for meaning, purpose, and happiness. It also symbolizes the human condition of being unsatisfied, curious, and restless.

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The lyrics also relate to the personal experiences of Krank. In an interview with EDM Turkey, he said that he chose to remake Sweet Dreams because he liked the original song and he wanted to give it a new perspective. He said that he related to the lyrics because he also travels a lot and he is always looking for something new and exciting. He said that he wanted to express his feelings and emotions through his music.

The Music

The music of Sweet Dreams creates a contrast between sweet and dark sounds by using different musical elements and techniques. The song starts with a soft piano melody that sounds calm and soothing. Then, it introduces a distorted vocal sample that says "sweet dreams are made of this", which sounds eerie and haunting. The song then builds up with a rising synth that creates tension and anticipation. The song then drops with a powerful bassline that sounds heavy and aggressive. The song then alternates between the piano melody and the bassline, creating a dynamic and dramatic effect.

Some of the musical elements and techniques used in the song are:

  • A vocal sample: This is a technique of using a recorded voice or sound as an instrument or a sound effect. In this case, Krank used a vocal sample from the original song by Eurythmics, but he modified it by adding distortion, reverb, pitch-shifting, and other effects. This gives the vocal sample a different tone and texture, making it sound more distorted and dark.

  • A bassline: This is a technique of using a low-pitched sound or instrument to create a rhythm or a harmony. In this case, Krank used a bassline that consists of four notes that repeat throughout the song. The bassline is played by a synthesizer that sounds deep and heavy. The bassline creates a contrast with the piano melody, making it sound more powerful and intense.

  • A drop: This is a technique of creating a sudden change in the music, usually from a quieter or slower part to a louder or faster part. In this case, Krank used a drop that occurs after the build-up with the rising synth. The drop marks the transition from the piano melody to the bassline, creating a surprise and excitement for the listener.

The music matches the mood and tone of the lyrics by creating a balance between sweet and dark sounds. The music reflects the idea of how our dreams can be either pleasant or frightening, depending on our subconscious thoughts and feelings. The music also complements the message of the lyrics by creating a sense of exploration, curiosity, and adventure.

Comparison with Other Songs

Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

Krank's version of Sweet Dreams is different from the original song by Eurythmics in several ways. Some of the differences are:

AspectKrank's versionEurythmics' version

GenreEDMNew wave/synth-pop

Tempo128 BPM (beats per minute)125 BPM

KeyC minorC# minor

VocalsVocal sample onlyVocal sample + full vocals by Annie Lennox

InstrumentsPiano, synthesizer, bassline, drum machineSynthesizer, drum machine

Length3:17 minutes3:36 minutes

Release date201 91983

Krank's version of Sweet Dreams is also similar to the original song by Eurythmics in some ways. Some of the similarities are:

  • Both versions use the same lyrics and vocal sample, which are taken from the original song.

  • Both versions use a synthesizer and a drum machine as the main instruments, which create a electronic and futuristic sound.

  • Both versions have a catchy and memorable melody, which makes the song easy to sing along and dance to.