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Buy Serato Control Vinyl [HOT]

Most of you will have witnessed a DJ rocking up to a gig and whipping out some control vinyl to accompany his or her DVS system. In my experience however, most of the vinyl are fairly samey and simplistic in design.

buy serato control vinyl

We are obviously massive fans of Roland and we love the classic colours from the 808 branding. They also come with some nice groves on the flip side to get creative with. These are a great pair of control vinyl for old Skool DJs in a DVS world.

2 sides feature the Serato control tone, while the flip sides feature original music from the Stones Throw camp- many of which are exclusive to this release. It also includes two Stones Throw slipmats, featuring a brand new original logo design. A must have for fans of the label.

Serato continues the popular series of Sacred Geometry. The shimmering, marbled gold vinyls come in a matte black lasercut sleeve. The vinyl labels have appropriate markings , the vinyl weight of Serato, making them more suitable for turntablists, scratchers and performers . The two Control Vinyls contain the Serato NoiseMap Control signal in a remastered form.

Do you like the idea of using Virtual DJ with any timecode vinyl, without the need for a licensed Serato (or Traktor) audio interface? Is this a democratising development? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The 12-inch vinyl performs flawlessly thanks to the re-mastered control tone which provides an even more precise record tracking and is 6 decibels louder than previous versions. Each set lasts longer due to the high-quality vinyl and better wear as well as being the perfect companion for anyone with a digital vinyl system needing an authentic feeling solution. Each comes sold as a pair, and the wide range of colours means there is something for everyone and makes an ideal gift for any budding turntablists. 041b061a72


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