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Milf Tree

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milf tree

"They're out there somewhere," says the colonel, gesturing through the teeming tropical rain toward the palm trees a few hundred yards away. "We've been observing some major MILF movements, consolidating just adjacent to this area. That would indicate they're still preparing, maybe for an offensive."

To go from the town of Iligan to Cotabato City is to take a curious tourist route. Military checkpoints are omnipresent. As we go round a bend in the road, my guide, a clandestine comrade of the RPM-M, tells me that the head of an administrative department died here, victim of an ambush. Everyone suspects his deputy, who had designs on his job. Further on the tree trunks are riddled with bullet marks: there was a fierce battle between the army and the troops of the MILF.

The negotiations between the MILF and Manila are entering into a very political phase. Banners hung across the streets of Cotabato City called on the population, in the name of the Central Committee of the MILF, to take part in a massive rally at the end of May to show their support for the armed organization. Other banners denounced the US presence. 041b061a72


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