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Tap.Az: Quşlar kateqoriyasında ən son elanlar — Bakı, Azərbaycan

Tap.Az Quşlar: A Guide to Buying and Selling Birds Online in Azerbaijan

If you are a bird lover in Azerbaijan, you may have heard of Tap.Az quşlar, a popular category on the free classifieds website Tap.Az that allows you to buy and sell different types of birds online. Whether you are looking for a pet, a hobby, or a business opportunity, Tap.Az quşlar can help you find the perfect bird for your needs. quşlar

But how do you use Tap.Az quşlar effectively? What are the benefits and challenges of buying and selling birds online? And what are some tips and best practices for making the most of this platform?

In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will explain what Tap.Az is and why it is popular for bird lovers. We will also show you how to buy and sell birds on Tap.Az quşlar step by step. And we will give you some useful advice on how to have a safe, smooth, and successful online trading experience.

What is Tap.Az and why is it popular for bird lovers?

Tap.Az is a free classifieds website that offers a wide range of products and services in Azerbaijan. You can find anything from cars, houses, furniture, electronics, clothes, jobs, education, health, beauty, entertainment, Continuing the article: How to buy birds on Tap.Az?

Buying birds on Tap.Az is easy and convenient. You can browse the bird category and filter the results by location, price, type, and delivery option. You can also use the search function to find specific birds or keywords related to birds. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Tap.Az website and click on the "Animals" section. Then select the "Birds" subcategory.

  • Use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow down your search. You can choose the city, district, price range, type of bird, and delivery option.

  • Scroll through the results and click on any ad that interests you. You will see more details about the bird, such as its age, sex, breed, color, size, and personality. You will also see the seller's name, phone number, and location.

  • Contact the seller by phone or message and ask any questions you may have about the bird. You can also request more photos or videos of the bird if needed.

  • Arrange the payment and delivery details with the seller. You can pay by cash or online transfer, depending on the seller's preference. You can also choose to pick up the bird yourself or have it delivered to your address.

  • Check the condition and health of the bird before buying it. Make sure it is clean, active, alert, and free of any signs of illness or injury. Ask for any relevant documents or certificates that prove the bird's origin, vaccination, or pedigree.

Congratulations! You have just bought a bird on Tap.Az! Continuing the article: How to sell birds on Tap.Az?

Selling birds on Tap.Az is also easy and convenient. You can register an account and create an ad with a clear title, description, price, and photos of your bird. You can also include any important information about your bird, such as its age, sex, breed, color, size, and personality. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Tap.Az website and click on the "Add an ad" button. Then select the "Animals" section and the "Birds" subcategory.

  • Fill in the required fields, such as the title, description, price, and location of your bird. You can also choose the type of bird and the delivery option.

  • Upload up to 10 photos of your bird. Make sure they are clear, bright, and show different angles of your bird. You can also upload a video of your bird if you want.

  • Review your ad and click on the "Publish" button. Your ad will be posted on the website and visible to potential buyers.

  • Respond to any inquiries from potential buyers by phone or message. Answer their questions and provide any additional information they may need.

  • Arrange the payment and delivery details with the buyer. You can accept cash or online transfer, depending on your preference. You can also choose to deliver the bird yourself or have the buyer pick it up.

Congratulations! You have just sold a bird on Tap.Az! quşlar qiyməti quşlar satışı quşlar alqı satqısı quşlar korella quşlar cücələri quşlar tutuquşu quşlar göyərçinlər quşlar xoruzlar quşlar lal ördəklər quşlar qafqaz qırqovulu quşlar hinduşkalar quşlar kəkliklər quşlar brama fərələri quşlar yaponka toyuqları quşlar serebrist toyuqları quşlar heyratı fərələri quşlar qızılı sibrayt toyuğu quşlar mayalı hinduşka yumurtaları quşlar lal ördək yumurtası quşlar mayalı qırqovul yumurtası quşlar avstralorp yumurtası quşlar heyratı yumurtası quşlar korella tutuquşu qiyməti quşlar tutuquşu jako qiyməti quşlar göyərçinlər qiyməti quşlar xoruzlar qiyməti quşlar lal ördəklər qiyməti quşlar qafqaz qırqovulu qiyməti quşlar hinduşkalar qiyməti quşlar kəkliklər qiyməti quşlar brama fərələri qiyməti quşlar yaponka toyuqları qiyməti quşlar serebrist toyuqları qiyməti quşlar heyratı fərələri qiyməti quşlar qızılı sibrayt toyuğu qiyməti quşlar mayalı hinduşka yumurtaları qiyməti quşlar lal ördək yumurtası qiyməti quşlar mayalı qırqovul yumurtası qiyməti quşlar avstralorp yumurtası qiyməti quşlar heyratı yumurtası qiyməti

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oğuzda satılır tap az qusları Continuing the article: What are some tips and best practices for buying and selling birds on Tap.Az?

Buying and selling birds on Tap.Az can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it also comes with some challenges and risks. To avoid any problems or scams, you should follow some tips and best practices for online trading. Here are some of them:

Do your research

Before buying or selling a bird, you should do some research on its characteristics, needs, and market value. You should also be aware of any laws or regulations regarding bird ownership and trade in Azerbaijan. Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What type of bird do I want to buy or sell? What are its features, habits, and requirements?

  • How much does the bird cost? Is it fair and reasonable? How can I negotiate the price?

  • What are the legal and ethical issues involved in buying or selling the bird? Do I need any permits, licenses, or certificates?

  • What are the common scams or frauds related to buying or selling birds online? How can I avoid them?

Be honest and transparent

When creating or responding to an ad, you should be honest and transparent about the condition, history, and origin of your bird. You should also avoid exaggerating or misleading claims about your bird's qualities or abilities. Some things you should do are:

  • Provide accurate and complete information about your bird, such as its age, sex, breed, color, size, and personality.

  • Disclose any defects, damages, or health issues that your bird may have.

  • Provide proof of your bird's origin, vaccination, or pedigree if possible.

  • Use clear and realistic photos and videos of your bird that show its current state.

Be safe and secure

When meeting with a buyer or seller, you should choose a public and well-lit place and bring someone with you if possible. You should also avoid paying or accepting cash in advance or sharing your personal or financial information online. Some things you should do are:

  • Verify the identity and contact details of the buyer or seller before meeting them.

  • Use a secure payment method that offers protection and traceability, such as online transfer or escrow service.

  • Inspect the bird carefully before buying it or handing it over to the buyer.

  • Get a receipt or a contract that confirms the transaction details and terms.

Be respectful and courteous

When communicating with a buyer or seller, you should be respectful and courteous and follow the etiquette of online trading. You should also respect the privacy and preferences of the other party and avoid spamming or harassing them. Some things you should do are:

  • Use polite and friendly language and tone when messaging or calling the buyer or seller.

  • Respond to any inquiries or offers promptly and politely.

  • Honor your commitments and agreements with the buyer or seller.

  • Give feedback or ratings to the buyer or seller after the transaction is completed.


Tap.Az quşlar is a great platform for buying and selling birds online in Azerbaijan. It offers a wide variety of birds, from common to exotic, at affordable prices. It also provides useful information and tips on how to care for and breed birds, as well as a platform to communicate with other bird enthusiasts.

To use Tap.Az quşlar effectively, you need to know how to buy and sell birds on the website step by step. You also need to follow some tips and best practices for online trading, such as doing your research, being honest and transparent,


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