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Uncontrollable (feat Big Zuu) Ksi Mp3

Uncontrollable (feat Big Zuu) KSI MP3 - A Review

Uncontrollable is a song by British rapper and YouTube star KSI, featuring grime MC Big Zuu. It was released on February 2, 2018, as a single from KSI's EP Disstracktions. The song is a diss track aimed at fellow YouTuber Joe Weller, who KSI fought in a boxing match on February 3, 2018. KSI won the fight by technical knockout in the third round.

The song has a hard-hitting beat produced by Zeeshan, with KSI and Big Zuu delivering aggressive bars about their superiority over Weller. KSI mocks Weller's appearance, mental health, music career, and boxing skills, while Big Zuu claims that Weller is irrelevant and scared of KSI. The chorus repeats the line "I'm uncontrollable", implying that KSI is unstoppable and unpredictable in his actions.

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The song was well received by KSI's fans, who praised its energy and lyrics. It also performed well on the charts, reaching number 89 on the UK Singles Chart and number 15 on the UK R&B Chart. The song has over 130,000 views on YouTube and over 2 million streams on Spotify. It is also available on Apple Music and other digital platforms.

Uncontrollable is a song that showcases KSI's confidence and skill as a rapper and a boxer. It is a catchy and powerful track that will get you hyped up for any challenge. If you are looking for a song that will motivate you to be unstoppable, you should check out Uncontrollable (feat Big Zuu) KSI MP3.


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