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Orange Pi Download Quota Exceeded: Why It Happens and How to Solve It

How to Fix Orange Pi Download Quota Exceeded Error

If you are a fan of single-board computers, you might have heard of Orange Pi, a low-cost and versatile device that can run various operating systems and applications. However, if you try to download an Orange Pi image from Google Drive, you might encounter the "download quota exceeded" error that prevents you from accessing the file. This error can be frustrating, especially if you need the file urgently. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix this error and download the file successfully. In this article, we will explain what Orange Pi is, why you might want to use it, what causes the download quota exceeded error, and how to bypass it.

orange pi download quota exceeded

What is Orange Pi and Why Use It?

Orange Pi is a series of single-board computers created by Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co., Ltd. It is similar to Raspberry Pi, but offers more features and options at a lower price. Orange Pi can be used as a server, a media center, a gaming console, a robot controller, or anything else you can imagine. It supports various operating systems, such as Android, Ubuntu, Debian, Armbian, and more. It also has a rich software and hardware ecosystem that allows you to customize and enhance your device.

Orange Pi Features and Benefits

Some of the features and benefits of using Orange Pi are:

  • It has more GPIO pins than Raspberry Pi, which means you can connect more sensors and devices to it.

  • It has faster networking capabilities, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and USB ports.

  • It has more memory and storage options, such as RAM, eMMC, SD card, SATA, and NAND flash.

  • It has better video and audio output quality, such as HDMI, AV, SPDIF, and microphone.

  • It has a wider range of models and sizes to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.

Orange Pi vs Raspberry Pi Comparison

While Orange Pi and Raspberry Pi are both great single-board computers, they have some differences that might affect your decision on which one to use. Here is a brief comparison of some of their main aspects:


Orange Pi

Raspberry Pi


Cheaper (around $20)

More expensive (around $35)


Faster (Allwinner H3 at 1.6 GHz)

Slower (Broadcom BCM2837 at 1.2 GHz)


More (up to 2 GB)

Less (up to 1 GB)


More (4 USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port)

Less (2 USB 2.0 ports, no Ethernet port)


More (40-pin GPIO)

Less (26-pin GPIO)

Video/Audio Output

Better (HDMI or 3.5 mm jack)

Inferior (HDMI only)

Community Support

Less (fewer forums and tutorials)

More (more forums and tutorials)

What Causes the Download Quota Exceeded Error?

The download quota exceeded error is a common issue that occurs when you try to download a file from Google Drive that has been shared by someone else. This error means that the file has reached its limit of downloads or views for a certain period of time, and Google Drive has temporarily blocked access to it to prevent abuse. This limit is imposed by Google to protect its servers from overload and to prevent unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content.

Google Drive Bandwidth Limits and Abuse Filters

According to Google, each file stored on Google Drive has a daily bandwidth limit that depends on the size of the file and the number of times it has been downloaded or viewed. The exact formula for calculating this limit is not publicly disclosed, but some estimates suggest that it is around 2 GB per day for files smaller than 100 MB, and around 10 GB per day for files larger than 100 MB. If a file exceeds this limit, it will trigger the download quota exceeded error and become unavailable for 24 hours.

In addition to the bandwidth limit, Google Drive also has an abuse filter that detects and blocks files that are suspected of violating its terms of service. This filter can be triggered by various factors, such as the number of complaints, the type of content, the source of the file, or the behavior of the users. If a file is flagged by the abuse filter, it will also show the download quota exceeded error and require verification before downloading.

How to Check Your Google Drive Storage and Usage

If you are the owner of the file that you want to download, you can check your Google Drive storage and usage to see if you have enough space and bandwidth available. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to and sign in with your Google account.

  • Click on the gear icon on the top right corner and select "Settings".

  • Under "General", you will see your total storage quota and how much you have used.

  • Click on "View items taking up storage" to see a breakdown of your files by size and type.

  • Click on "Manage apps" to see how much storage each app is using.

  • Click on "Buy more storage" if you need to upgrade your plan.

How to Bypass the Download Quota Exceeded Error?

If you are not the owner of the file that you want to download, you can try some methods to bypass the download quota exceeded error and access the file. Here are some of them:

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Orange pi prevent files from being misused quota

Orange pi places a lock on files download quota

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Orange pi massive file or folder download limit exceeded

Orange pi server has high traffic or exceedingly big file quota

Orange pi google drive file downloads significantly jump up quota

Orange pi google drive file downloads or viewing after 24 hours or more quota

Orange pi make quick changes to google drive to download files

Orange pi minor tweaks in the URL of the file to bypass quota

Orange pi open up new window tab and go to google drive homepage

Orange pi locate your copy saved in your drive and download

Orange pi rename and select the location of the copied file

Orange pi navigate to the menu and go to file option

Orange pi right click the file and make a copy

Orange pi sign in to your google drive account

Orange pi go to the link of the shared file or folder

Orange pi delete from drives to folders in the URL

Orange pi replace the field with file/d and hit enter

Method 1: Make a Copy of the File in Your Own Google Drive

This method works by creating a copy of the file in your own Google Drive account, which will have a separate bandwidth limit and will not be affected by the original file's status. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to and sign in with your Google account.

  • Open the link of the file that you want to download.

  • If you see the download quota exceeded error, click on "Add shortcut to Drive".

  • Select a folder in your drive where you want to add the shortcut and click on "Add shortcut".

  • Go to your drive and find the shortcut that you just added.

  • Right-click on the shortcut and select "Make a copy".

  • A copy of the file will be created in your drive with a different name.

  • Right-click on the copy and select "Download" or "Open with" depending on what you want to do with it.

Method 2: Change the Google Drive File URL

This method works by changing some parameters in the Google Drive file URL, which will trick Google into thinking that you are accessing a different file. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Copy the link of the file that you want to download.

  • Paste it in a text editor or a browser address bar.

  • Find the part that says "/uc?id=" and change it to "/open?id=".

  • Save or copy the modified URL.

  • Paste it in a new browser tab or window and press enter.

You should see a preview of the file instea


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