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Fastreport Studio 4 4.8 Crack

FastReport Studio 4.8: A Powerful and Versatile Reporting Tool

FastReport Studio is a software product that allows you to create, edit, and print reports of various types and complexity. It supports a wide range of data sources, such as databases, files, web services, and more. It also provides a rich set of features, such as charts, barcodes, cross-tabs, subreports, expressions, scripts, and more.

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In October 2009, Fast Reports released the version 4.8 of FastReport Studio , which introduced several improvements and enhancements to the product. Some of the main features added or changed in this version are:

  • Ability to split big bands: This feature allows you to split bands that are bigger than the page height into multiple pages. This is useful when you have a large amount of data or a complex layout that cannot fit on a single page.

  • Ability to use keeping in multi-column report: This feature allows you to keep related bands together in a multi-column report. For example, you can keep a group header with its child bands, or a band with its header or footer.

  • BDE and DBX engines: These are new data sources that allow you to connect to databases using the Borland Database Engine (BDE) or the DataSnap (DBX) framework.

  • Confirmation reading for TfrxMailExport: This feature allows you to confirm the email address and subject before sending a report by email using the TfrxMailExport component.

  • RTF 4.1 support for TfrxRichText object: This feature allows you to use the Rich Text Format (RTF) version 4.1 for formatting text in the TfrxRichText object. This version supports more features than the previous version, such as tables, bullets, numbering, and more.

  • TfrxDesigner.MemoParentFont property: This property allows you to specify whether the memo objects in the designer should inherit the font settings from their parent objects or not.

  • TfrxGroupHeader.ShowChildIfDrillDown property: This property allows you to specify whether the child bands of a group header should be shown or not when the group header is collapsed in a drill-down report.

  • TfrxPrintOptions.PrnOutFileName property: This property allows you to set the file name for printing to file using the TfrxPrintOptions component.

  • TfrxReportOptions.HiddenPassword property: This property allows you to set the password for opening a report file silently from code without prompting the user.

  • TimeOut field in TfrxMailExport form: This field allows you to set the time out for sending an email using the TfrxMailExport component.

  • Checksum calculating for 2 5 interleaved barcode: This feature allows you to calculate and append the checksum digit for the 2 5 interleaved barcode type.

In addition to these features, FastReport Studio 4.8 also fixed several bugs and improved some aspects of the product, such as performance, memory usage, script compilation, inheritance mechanism, vertical bands functionality, drill-down mechanism, unsorted mode in cross-tab, outline generation, and more.

FastReport Studio 4.8 is a powerful and versatile reporting tool that can help you create professional and attractive reports for your business or personal needs. You can download a free trial version from [the official website] or purchase a full version with technical support and updates.


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