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Subtitle Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.2022.10...

If you're familiar with Elie Mystal's previous work (writer for TheNation, previously editor for Above the Law, Twitter gadfly, andoccasional talking head on news commentary programs), you'll have a goodidea what to expect from this book: pointed liberal commentary, frequentlydeveloping into rants once he works up a head of steam. The subtitle ofA Black Guy's Guide to the Constitution tells you that the topic isUS constitutional law, which is very on brand. You're going to getsuccinct and uncompromising opinions at the intersection of law andpolitics. If you agree with them, you'll probably find them funny; if youdisagree with them, you'll probably find them infuriating.

subtitle Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.2022.10...



This group is for those looking to volunteer and/or be part ...
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