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Gujarat No Itihas PDF: A Guide to the History of Gujarat

Gujarat is a state in western India that has a rich and diverse history. Gujarat has been home to many civilizations, cultures, religions, and empires. Gujarat has witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties, the invasions and migrations of foreign peoples, the movements and revolutions of freedom fighters, and the development and progress of modern society. Gujarat has also contributed to the fields of art, literature, science, trade, and politics in India and beyond.



If you are interested in learning more about the history of Gujarat, you may want to download some PDF books that cover various aspects of Gujarat's past. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best PDF books on Gujarat's history that you can find online for free. These books are written in Gujarati language and are suitable for students, teachers, researchers, and general readers.

ગુજરતન ઇતહસ Gujarat History PDF In Gujarati

This is a comprehensive book on the history of Gujarat from ancient times to the present day. The book covers the major events, personalities, and achievements of Gujarat's history in a chronological order. The book also includes maps, illustrations, tables, charts, and timelines to enhance the understanding of the readers. The book is divided into 26 chapters, each focusing on a specific period or theme of Gujarat's history. The book is written by Kumar, a well-known author and historian who has written several books on Gujarat and India's history.

You can download this book for free from [this link]. The PDF file size is 64 MB and the page number is 526. You can also see a PDF demo of the book before downloading it.

Gujarat No Itihas (History) Free PDF Book Download Liberty Academy

This is another book on the history of Gujarat that covers the important topics and concepts of Gujarat's past. The book is designed for competitive exams like GPSC, UPSC, TET, TAT, HTAT, etc. The book provides concise and clear explanations of the historical facts and figures along with objective questions and answers for practice. The book also contains previous year papers and mock tests to help the aspirants prepare for their exams. The book is written by Liberty Academy, a reputed coaching institute that offers guidance and study materials for various exams.

You can download this book for free from [this link]. The PDF file size is 9 MB and the page number is 192.

GK Gujarati PDF - Gujarat No Itihas & Bhugol

This is a PDF file that contains general knowledge questions and answers on Gujarat's history and geography. The PDF file is useful for students who want to improve their GK skills and knowledge about their state. The PDF file covers topics like ancient history, medieval history, modern history, freedom struggle, culture, art, literature, economy, polity, administration, etc. The PDF file also includes questions on Gujarat's physical features, climate, natural resources, agriculture, industries, tourism, etc. The PDF file is updated regularly with new questions and answers.

You can download this PDF file for free from [this link]. The PDF file size is 4 MB and the page number is 100.


We hope that you have found this article helpful and informative. If you want to learn more about the history of Gujarat, you can download any of these PDF books and start reading them. You can also share this article with your friends and family who are interested in Gujarat's history. Thank you for reading!


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