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The topic remains, the music changes. At some moments it resembles Rhianne from the previous album. Ray tries to understand how his friend may have felt as a disabled man. The music is demanding with lots of emotions, chords and vocals. This song will stick in your mind. And it contains real drums.


The lyrics might seem like nonsense, but that's because they came from stream-of-consciousness writing sessions. Collins himself says there is no real story or message in the song. The MTV-friendly video spoofs the Police, the Cars, Michael Jackson, David Lee Roth and many other stars of the day.

Good intentions don't always result in good songs. Proof: this tedious adult-contemporary ballad. Collins wrote the song for his friend Eric Clapton, whose four-year-old son tragically died in March 1991 after falling from the window of a 53rd-story apartment. (Clapton channeled his grief into a much more memorable tune, "Tears in Heaven.")

"When you listen to the recording it makes your skin tingle because it's from a period of time when The Beatles were still friends, it's early Beatles," said auctioneer Jon King. "You can hear John, Paul and Ringo having a joke and a laugh together. They are laughing because they can't get a song right."

I agree with Gabrial. That is what I herd. I herd he was young with his friend playing in the woods near a river, and They were playing Hide and Seek. And a Man took his friend and was drowning him while Phil was watching but was scared to go save his friend, and the Man never knew there was another boy there. Hense the song and I also herd the Concert was real. Sang the song to the guy who killed his friend and the cops then came and got the guy and took him to jail. I actually know a guy who claims he has went to that concert.

It does make sense if you think about it. Phil was young and was scared to save his friend knowing it couldve been his life also. He couldnt tell anyone because no one will belive a young boy. So now he is older, and makes music and decides to put a song out about it and Stages a Concert to get the guy who murdered his best friend. Smart if you ask me

My friend told me the story a little bit different then what i see on here. He said that he saw a man drowning two boys off shore and was to far away to help them. Then invited the man to a concert and sang the song to him with the spotlight on him. I dont know what is true. I could see why Phil would lie about something like that and the lyrics to the song make me think more of a drowning then a divorce. Either way i respect him and he is a very good singer.

Phil and his friend were in the woods and they saw a stranger, phil went into the woods to use the bathroom or sumthin like that, and he saw the stranger drown his friend. the guy was arrested and sent to jail, when he got out he was a big phil collins fan and phil sent him front row tickets to his concert and sang the song to him.

i heard it was about a girl who knew a secret that the killer didnt want her to know so he pushed her in the hotel pool while phill collins was performing a concert by the time he got to the hotel she was already dead the next concert he performed phill collins invited him to sit front row and that was the first time he sang in the air tonight

Layla and Other Assorted Love songs is the album he wrote for Patty Smith who was a girlfriend of George Harrison. The name of the album and the song was inspired by Nizami Ganjavi and his poem Layla and Majnun, and he is credited as the writer of I Am Yours. 041b061a72


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