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[S6E17] Happy Jack

Red goes to the heart doctor and finds out that they are going to send a psychiatrist to his house to find out what is causing his stress. Kitty, who believes they always blame the wife, isn't too happy about it, so she starts to act weird. Meanwhile, Kelso introduces his co-worker, Suzy (Alyson Hannigan) to the gang. He says that he likes finally having a girl as a friend, without liking her as a girlfriend. Fez tells Kelso that he likes her. As Kelso is about to tell Suzy about Fez, she tells Kelso that she likes him. So Kelso tricks both of them. He tells Suzy she'll be on a date with him, and tells Fez he'll be on a date with Suzy. They both find out and are upset with Kelso, especially Fez.

[S6E17] Happy Jack

Before a romantic evening with Eric, Donna realizes that she's missed taking one of her birth control pills. Both of them completely freak out and seek out Kitty's advice. Fez is still extremely angry about losing Suzy to Kelso, so he "dumps" Kelso and returns everything his former friend ever gave him. Everyone in the gang tries to console the unhappy couple while Suzy plots to reunite them.

Sam inherits the car following Dean's death in the third season finale. The car is later returned to Dean in Season 4, who isn't impressed that Sam added an iPod jack to the car. He removes it and the jack is never seen again.[2] It was shortly after Dean returned from Hell, when he time traveled back to 1973 and convinced a young John Winchester to buy the Impala. Later when John proposes to Mary he does so in the front seat.[3]

After Dean's return from Purgatory, he found that the Impala had been fully repaired after Sam told him about the previous year, though no new modifications were done to it, which made Dean happy, considering that the last time Dean went away for a year, Sam had made several modern additions to the car. When Dean smells dog in the car, Sam claims not to know what he's talking about but later admits he hit a dog with the Impala which caused him to meet Amelia Richardson. Afterwards, he took the dog around in the car, annoying Dean as he doesn't like dogs and doesn't want them in his precious car.[7] As the Leviathans are gone, Sam and Dean return to using the Impala instead of stolen cars.

Moments later, the portal reopens and Dean drives the Impala out with Mary in the passenger seat. Dean reveals that the car kept both him and Mary safe and he was stuck in the world between worlds so he stayed near the portal. When it opened and the Impala came through, Dean hopped in and took the wheel. Dean explains that after his death, while driving through Heaven, he took a detour through the Multiverse in search of a world where his family got a happy ending and discovered the threat of the Akrida, intervening against Jack Kline's rules against direct interference. After Dean says goodbye to his parents, he, Bobby, Jack and the Impala all vanish in a flash of light.

Meanwhile at the bunker, Sam is healthy and happy and running in the mornings! Dean is grumpy and worried about Cas. (I have a really great idea, Dean: Use that gas guzzling monster you love to drive and GO PICK HIM UP.) Anyway, Ezekial has news. A faction of angels are organizing on Earth and they want to find Cas. 041b061a72


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