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The Best Tips and Tricks for Winning in Match Masters

Match Masters: The Ultimate PvP Match 3 Game

Do you love match 3 puzzle games? Do you enjoy competing with other players in real-time? Do you want to experience a new way to play match 3 games? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out Match Masters, the world's first multiplayer match 3 game!

match masters

Match Masters is a free-to-play casual game developed by Candivore, where you can play live with friends or against opponents from all over the world in a fun online PvP match 3 competition. Match Masters has tons of new and exciting features that make it different from other match 3 games. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Match Masters, how to play it, what makes it unique, and some tips and tricks to master it. Let's get started!

How to Play Match Masters

The basic gameplay of Match Masters is similar to other match 3 games. You have to match 3 or more tiles of the same color on a board to clear them and score points. You can also create special tiles by matching more than 3 tiles, such as bombs, rockets, stars, and rainbows, which have different effects when matched or activated.

However, there is a twist that makes Match Masters more challenging and fun. In Match Masters, you are not playing alone on your own board. You are playing against another player on the same board, taking turns to make moves. This means that you have to take into account not only the score you will get from your moves, but also the opportunities you will create for your opponent. You have to be smart and strategic to outmatch your rival.

Another element that adds more excitement and variety to the game is the use of boosters. Boosters are special items that you can use during your turn to gain an advantage over your opponent. You can choose one booster before each match from a selection of over 20 boosters, each with different effects and strategies. For example, some boosters can swap tiles, clear rows or columns, shuffle the board, or give you extra moves. You can charge your booster by matching blue stars, while your opponent collects red circles.

What Makes Match Masters Different from Other Match 3 Games

As you can see, Match Masters is not your typical match 3 game. It has many features that make it stand out from the crowd and offer you a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Here are some of them:

The multiplayer mode

Match Masters is the first match 3 game that lets you play live with other players online. You can challenge your friends or random opponents in knock-out tournaments and see who is the best match master. You can also chat with your opponents during the match and send them emojis to express your emotions. Playing with real people adds more fun and unpredictability to the game, as you never know what moves they will make or what boosters they will use.

The tournaments and events

Match Masters is not just about casual matches. It also has competitive tournaments and events where you can test your skills and win amazing prizes. You can join daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments and climb the leaderboards to earn trophies, rewards, and fame. You can also participate in special events and challenges that have different rules and themes, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more. These events give you the opportunity to win exclusive stickers, boosters, and coins.

The sticker albums

Match Masters is not just about matching tiles. It is also about collecting stickers. Stickers are cute and colorful characters that you can collect and use as your avatar in the game. There are over 100 stickers to collect, each with their own personality and story. You can find stickers in chests that you can open with keys or coins, or win them in tournaments and events. You can also complete sticker albums by collecting all the stickers of a certain theme, such as animals, food, sports, etc. Completing albums will give you extra prizes and bonuses.

The studios

Match Masters is not just about playing on the same board. It is also about exploring different studios. Studios are the backgrounds and themes of the matches that you play. There are over 20 studios to unlock, each with their own design and music. You can unlock studios by earning stars in matches or by paying coins. Some of the studios are: Beach, Disco, Farm, Jungle, Space, Candyland, and more. Each studio has its own tiles and boosters that match the theme. For example, in the Farm studio, you can match carrots, apples, eggs, and cows, and use a tractor booster to clear a row.

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Tips and Tricks to Master Match Masters

Now that you know what Match Masters is and what makes it different from other match 3 games, you might be wondering how to play it well and win more matches. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you become a match master:

Choose your booster wisely

Before each match, you can choose one booster from a selection of over 20 boosters. Each booster has a different effect and strategy that can help you win the match. For example, some boosters can swap tiles, clear rows or columns, shuffle the board, or give you extra moves. You should choose a booster that suits your play style and the studio that you are playing in. For example, if you are playing in the Disco studio, where there are disco balls that can clear tiles of the same color when matched, you might want to use a booster that can swap tiles or create more disco balls.

Plan ahead

Since you are playing against another player on the same board, you have to think ahead and anticipate their moves. You have to consider not only the score that you will get from your moves, but also the opportunities that you will create for your opponent. You have to avoid leaving them easy matches or special tiles that they can use to score big points or charge their booster. You also have to keep an eye on their booster bar and try to prevent them from using it or counter it with your own booster.

Be flexible

The board and the tiles in Match Masters are constantly changing due to your moves and your opponent's moves. You have to be flexible and adapt to the changing situation. You have to look for new matches and opportunities as they appear on the board. You also have to be ready to change your strategy if your opponent makes a surprising move or uses their booster unexpectedly. You have to be creative and resourceful to make the best of every situation.

Have fun

The most important tip for playing Match Masters is to have fun. Match Masters is a game that is meant to be enjoyed and played with other people. You should not take it too seriously or get frustrated if you lose a match. You should always remember that it is just a game and that every match is a new opportunity to learn something new and improve your skills. You should also be respectful and friendly to your opponents and chat with them during the match. You should congratulate them if they win or compliment them if they make a good move. You should also send them emojis to express your emotions and make the game more lively and fun.

Conclusion and FAQs

Match Masters is a fun and addictive PvP match 3 game that you should try if you love match 3 puzzle games and want to experience a new way to play them online with other players. Match Masters has many features that make it unique and exciting, such as the multiplayer mode, the tournaments and events, the sticker albums, and the studios. In this article, we have explained how to play Match Masters, what makes it different from other match 3 games, and some tips and tricks to master it. We hope that you have learned something new and useful from this article and that you will give Match Masters a try. You can download Match Masters for free


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