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We Buy Gold Stores Near Me

The trend to turn old gold into cash is a service in which we provide. Officially licensed by the city of Livonia to purchase gold, we pay a fair amount in value for the gold we receive. Our consumers have the opportunity to use the cash as they desire, or they can use it toward the purchase of a special piece of jewelry we offer in our showroom.

we buy gold stores near me


Looking for a gold buyer near me? We buy gold. All gold, in any condition. We are the highest paying pawnshop in St. Louis County and we were featured on Channel 5 as the top gold buyer in the area. Gold is at near all-time highs. If you have gold just lying around and need some extra cash, selling your gold is a fast way to get the money you need. We take other metals too. Silver and platinum are also accepted here.

We want to make it easy for you to do business with us and receive the highest amount of money when you sell gold NJ. New Jersey-based Global Gold and Silver has a staff boasting over 60 years of experience in the retail and jewelry business. Our NJ gold buyers can answer your every question about the process immediately, with no obligation to sell, and you can trust us to offer you the best price for gold, silver, and jewelry in New Jersey.

The Exchange Gold Store, with locations in Denton and Keller/Watauga, is a direct broker for the U.S. Gold Refineries. This allows us to give the most possible cash for your gold. We buy old gold, broken jewelry, coins, silver, dental gold, platinum, and diamonds. We offer a local place for the North Texas communities to sell their unwanted jewelry for TOP DOLLAR!

There are many gold and silver exchange stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, but did you know the The Exchange Gold Store is one of the few accredited companies that specializes in what we do? We are members in good standing with Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG) and certified with the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA).

One aspect of our strong customer service is accurately valuing the items you bring us. Our employees are experts in assessing how much gold or silver (for example) it contains. Our confidence in our estimate enables us to offer more for it. This helps you have confidence that you are getting the most for your item.

As with gold, there exist a number of top name designers who offer a line of premium silver products which command a high price on the secondary market. Judith Ripka and David Yurman are two such names. Certain Mexican designs (e.g. products from the Taxco region) also command a high price, as does the work of Native American artisans like Yazzie, Begay, Bisbee, and others. These Native American designers are famous for squash blossom necklaces, turquoise jewelry, bear claw bracelets, and more.

As a family owned business with over 20 years of precious metals experience, we understand that the best way to succeed is to be fair to our customers with all of our services, including when we buy and sell gold.

Beware of competitors claimingthey are affiliated with us!If you plan to sell gold and silver in CT, look for our logo to ensure you are dealing with CT Gold & Silver. We are one of the top-rated buyers in CT, with an A+ rating from the BBB.

Our staff has over 30 years of experience buying gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, watches, and jewelry. Our customers routinely refer family and friends to us because they know they will be treated fairly.

We are experts in evaluating precious metals and collectible items. We are NOT pawn brokers. You can feel confident that you will be treated professionally and fairly. Our experts pay premiums for gold, silver, diamonds, and more.

We are one of the largest gold, silver, coin, bullion and diamond buyers in CT. Our purchase volume allows us to typically pay more than competitors. You can feel confident that you will receive top dollar from us. Many customers who were planning to sell their gold in Connecticut have come to us thinking that they had nothing of value, only to find us giving them thousands of dollars for their gold or silver.

Are you looking to sell your gold for quick cash? To know the market price and how much pawn shops pay for gold per gram, there are three basic factors you need to check: the purity of the gold, the weight of your gold jewelry, and the current price of gold.

There are many pawn shops that will buy gold, but do not just sell to the first one that will offer to buy. Make sure that you find a good, reliable pawn shop to get the best value for your gold jewelry.

Anything less than 99.99% is an alloy with other metals like platinum, silver, or copper. It is this fact that makes those less than 24k more suitable for jewelry since pure 24 karat gold is too soft to be used as jewelry.

Bear in mind this is just one of other factors to consider to calculate the value when you sell gold, such as the current gold price and the weight of your gold in grams. If your gold jewelry has a diamond, the pawn shop shall determine its value separately.

This is pretty straightforward, you need to check the weight of your gold jewelry, assuming it is just gold without any other embellishments. You can determine this using a jewelry scale as it weighs to the tenth of a gram and is thus most accurate.

Now that you have the information on the karat weight of your gold jewelry, and the current market value (as shown in the precious metal chart), you can more or less determine how much is a fair price.

Keep in mind that as pawn shops also need to profit to keep the business going, you do not get the full price for your gold jewelry. You can get anywhere from 25% up. At Clark Pawners and Jewellers, we pay higher than the average gold and jewelry buyer.

Clark Pawners and Jewelers is one such pawnshop. We have built a solid reputation for buying gold at the best prices plus quick cash offers. You can read about what people like about us through reviews from happy clients.

Belleair Coins is a family-run business that specializes in buying and selling gold and other precious metals, as well as fine jewelry. With over 50 years of experience, we offer professional and reputable services and great customer service. If you are looking to sell your silver, diamond, and gold jewelry.

Looking for somewhere in your neighborhood to sell the valuables gold and silver? Buying & Selling Gold, Silver, Diamonds in Tampa Bay or in St.Pete and even the Tri-County Area of Pinellas, Hillsboughand Pasco County has truly never been easier. Our locations provide a professional atmosphere and is staffed with Certified G.I.A Graduate Gemologists. We are located at 1350 West Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33770. Phone number is: 727-585-4502. Fax # is: 727-586-0822. Store hours are 9-6pm EST Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9-5pm, closed on Sundays and on major holidays.

FirstCash is the leading international operator of pawn stores with more than 2,800 retail pawn and consumer lending locations in 25 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and in Latin America, which includes all the states in Mexico and the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia.

When looking for jewelry stores near Pittsburgh, PA, choose a team that will help you get a great price for your treasured pieces. At Sparklez Jewelry & Loan, we specialize in buying jewelry of any type, providing outstanding prices on all pieces. Whether you are trying to sell jewelry you have inherited as part of an estate, or you simply have pieces in your collection that you no longer wear, we buy so that you can have extra cash in your pocket for more important things.

If you are looking for pawn shops near Pittsburgh, PA, why not visit Sparklez Jewelry & Loan? We buy and sell a range of beautiful jewelry at great prices, offering value to all of our customers. To find out more about our range of services, or to buy and sell your old jewelry, reach out to our team today by calling us at (412) 835-8805.

Marinelli Jewelers offers a large selection in all price ranges. our expert staff will help you select the perfect piece.Proudly serving Long Island, Suffolk County, The East End, North Fork and Hamptons as a trusted Jewelry store. We are also a trusted source to buy and sell gold on Long Island.Read More

At Benny's Pawn Shop we depend on accuracy to determine the true value of any piece. Determining an accurate value is crucial and will ensure you the most for your valuables. Many gold and jewelry buyers are not trained professionals and do not us accurate testing methods during appraisal, they generally concentrate solely on the melt value which usually leads to an inaccurate jewelry appraisal. We have the most trained and knowledgeable staff to guarantee your satisfaction.

Things like what does it weigh? What is the exact content of the metal? Is it solid or is it gold plated? Is it 10 or 18 carat? What is its value? You can find out the answer to all these questions by bringing your jewelry to us for a free appraisal.

Benny's Pawn Shop is more helpful than a bank because you can borrow small amounts of money - without hassle in minutes. We don't need financial information, proof of employment, and you never have to fill out a loan application. All you need is to bring your gold & silver and a valid ID to any of our pawn shops in El Paso, TX. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are ready and waiting to help you walk out with a smile in your face and top cash in your hands.

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