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Easton Nguyen
Easton Nguyen

Sea Fever

Siobhan sees another ship on the horizon. She, Gerard, and Johnny row to it, seeking help. Onboard, they find the bodies of the crew in the cabin, most of whom appear to have committed suicide and with one man appearing to have had his eyes removed. Gerard says they must have succumbed to "sea fever" and orders Siobhan and Johnny not to tell the others. After rowing back, they discover the creature has released the boat. They lower the nets and bring up a large catch of fish, lifting the crew's spirits. Siobhan and Johnny flirt and discover they are interested in each other. Johnny develops a fever, which Siobhan suspects is caused by an infection, but he refuses to let his hand be checked.

Sea Fever

At first, under the normal conditions of everyday fishing life, it\u2019s a minor nuisance. She\u2019s not as much a fish flopping around on land as she is a fish swimming among another species that outnumbers her, but accepts her presence as long as she doesn\u2019t get in their way. Trying to read in her bunk with a flashlight late on her first night, she\u2019s quickly relegated to the cold deck where she can read without disturbing sailors trying to sleep enough to avoid sea fever. 041b061a72


This group is for those looking to volunteer and/or be part ...


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