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Buy Cleaning Contracts __HOT__

To grow by a million dollars in one year, you need to average $83,333.33 in sales each month. ($1,000,000 divided by 12) But since the janitorial industry's sales are recurring (which means we get to bill every month for the service), you don't need $83,333.33 in new sales each month, you only need $13,000 in new contracts each month!

buy cleaning contracts

Once an individual has created the foundations of their office cleaning business by organizing the entity, purchasing necessary tools and determining a marketing strategy, it is time to start selling janitorial services. Regardless of which industries a company chooses to service and the cleaning programs they offer, the basic methods and time frames around winning customer accounts is relatively similar. That being said, certain standard considerations exist that all office cleaning owners should think about.

Second, travel and logistics should play a role in selecting clients to target. Travel time represents a real cost in terms of money and your time and should not be overlooked in deciding which types of contracts your office cleaning business wants to target. It is highly advisable to calculate the cost associated with traveling to client accounts. Moreover, researching areas where your target accounts can be found and selling to areas of closer proximity is very important. Clustering your cleaning accounts in geographic locations that are close to one another will reduce your commute time and the associated costs, as well as limit the chance of a missed clean due to traffic or other unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

Third, creating a menu of the services your office cleaning company intends to provide is important in terms of selling and pricing your cleaning contracts. Variables such as how often per week or per month you intend to offer service will impact not only your time commitment but also the cost the customer will pay for your services.

After you have identified your ideal customer, decided which geographic area(s) to target, and defined your service offerings, it is time to begin selling contracts. Traditionally, the most effective and cost-efficient way to get commercial cleaning contracts is by picking up the phone and dialing, aka cold calling. If you already have a network with local business owners or office managers, tapping this network is a great place to start selling.

Once you establish a base of satisfied customers, you can ask them to refer you to other businesses in their building, network, or industry. Word-of-mouth referrals are a strong vote of confidence for your brand and will make selling contracts to new clients much easier. Cold calling, networking and customer referrals can help jumpstart your business, however they cannot ensure consistent, stable growth in the long run.

Additional marketing efforts are necessary if you aim to acquire a large customer base. Fliers and pamphlets are a time-tested and relatively low-cost method to spread the word about your cleaning company. Contacting and building relationships with real estate agents and property managers is another great way to obtain customer contracts. Classified ads in newspapers are also an effective source to sell cleaning contracts, and classified ads are much cheaper than larger newspaper ads. In the age of the internet, a digital marketing strategy is critical to be a true competitor in the commercial cleaning industry.

Frequency and scope of service (or level of service) ultimately will determine how to price a cleaning contract. If you intend to service a restaurant or bar, for example, there is a big difference between cleaning the dining area and cleaning the kitchen. In the latter case, a much more intensive clean will be required, as the customer will expect an absolutely spotless kitchen. These elevated expectations should be reflected in the contract.

Finally, creating a billing schedule and agreement represents an often-overlooked aspect of starting an office cleaning business. On the one hand, launching a cleaning company and getting clients can be fun and exhilarating, but the end goal is to create financial security and additional income. Therefore, no process is more important than building policies for billing and collecting money owed from customers.

At the end of the day, the success of any business is determined by how much and how often they are able to sell. Above all else, consistency is crucial to building, growing, and maintaining a profitable commercial cleaning business. Therefore, having systems in place for sales, marketing, and collections is highly recommended to any business owner who aims to make a profit. Determining your service offerings and identifying your target customer and market are only the first steps to operating a successful commercial cleaning company.

Finding new clients for your cleaning business might seem like a daunting task, but with the right marketing strategy, you can establish an online presence and build connections with local businesses faster than you might expect.

If you run a home or office cleaning business, you might collaborate with those in similar fields, such as dry cleaners, carpet cleaning services, and window washers. If you refer someone to a dry cleaner, for example, make sure the dry cleaner knows that you were the one who promoted them.

If you perform house cleaning, a residential realtor might promote your services to home buyers and sellers, including Airbnb property owners. If your janitorial services include office cleaning services and commercial businesses, then property managers and office managers might help you acquire new janitorial contracts.

Your friends, family, and business contacts might be willing to help you with this. A friend might ask her employer about what kind of cleaning services the employer uses, what they charge, and to offer your company as an alternative.

Some key things to consider are what your specialty is and what sets you apart from the competition. Do you use only environmentally friendly cleaning products? Do you specialize in cleaning homes, offices, or certain types of spills?

Business cards and flyers can be an effective marketing tool, especially if you can convince your customers to help promote your business. You might offer a discount to an existing customer, such as a free day of cleaning, if one of their referrals results in a new contract for your business.

Janitorial/surety bonds may be required to secure contracts, especially with larger clients. A janitorial or surety bond is a type of financial contract between your business, your customer, and the insurance company that issued the bond. The bond stipulates that the insurance company will reimburse the client if you fail to deliver on a contract for services.

The cleaning industry is a competitive one. There are always more companies visiting janitorial bidding websites than there are jobs themselves, which means someone is missing out. Lose too many bids, and your business may find itself in a difficult place.

Another of the best janitorial bidding websites is The site is part of Government Contracts USA and offers a range of services, including government contracts, RFPs, bids, and procurement systems. You can browse bids or search by category, region, or service to narrow down the results. Last year, published over 10,500 bids for the janitorial services industry, making it a potentially significant source of job bids and hopefully work for your business. This one will also require a login for participation, but you can also sign up for a free email alert each day to let you know which bids have become available. This is a great resource to find some of the most coveted government contracts.

Companies looking for cleaning services often turn to the internet to research, making an online presence crucial for your cleaning business. Some prospective clients may forgo the research and bidding process entirely and offer a cleaning contract if they come across an impressive cleaning business website they feel they can trust.

Your cleaning services website should provide general business information, the services you offer, and price ranges for your work. You can also include testimonials and customer reviews to highlight your work.

While your pricing or the length of a contract may cause you to lose some cleaning contracts, your customer service during bidding should never be a reason you miss out on business. This is incredibly important to understand when learning how to get cleaning contracts.

In the initial stages of bidding on cleaning services, communication and details are key. Do a walk-through of the premises with your prospective client and discuss the work to be done. Prepare a detailed quote so that your prospect fully understands what they would be paying for.

Satisfied customers can be a gold mine for new cleaning contracts, so ask your best clients to refer their friends and family. Many cleaning companies incentivise clients with discounts in exchange for referrals, but a referral program can be formatted any number of ways (whatever best fits your business model). Prospects that have been referred are not only more likely to trust your services, they also have better customer retention according to a recent study. Referral programs are often an effective part of a brilliant marketing scheme. One study on customer referral programs done by Harvard Business Review showed that, on average, referred customers were 18 per cent more likely than others to stay with the business and they generated roughly 16 per cent more profits for the business.

Title: Use of Cleaning Products in State Facilities and Leased PropertiesDate of Issue: April 14, 2010Supersedes: Policy dated July 1, 2004 PURPOSE In order to comply with Executive Orders 02-04 and 14-03, the State of Vermont will specify, buy, and use only Environmentally Preferable Custodial Cleaning Products in state owned and leased facilities. Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products (EPP) are defined as products that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purposes. Products on the Environmentally Preferable Custodial Cleaning contracts meet or exceed the criteria established. Use of any non Environmentally Preferable custodial cleaning product is only allowed if you secure a signed waiver for use. You must file a request with the office of Purchasing and Contracting where it will be approved or disapproved. A copy of the approved waiver must be maintained and made accessible at the work location where the product is approved for use and provided to the office of Workplace Safety. Requested waivers shall typically be for use of a specific product, for a specific purpose, at a specific location. POLICY 041b061a72


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